GOVERNMENT UPDATE Saturday 19th December at approx. 4pm

Garden Centre’s are classed as essential shops because we provide gas (bottles), foods, pet foods and therefore we are open as usual with the same stringent measures in place however we only welcome customers from Tier 4.
If you are not from a Tier 4 area, please refrain from visiting and use our website to place your orders.
Our Farm Shop and Aquatics are also open, whilst our café remains closed at this present time.

Please adhere to social distancing when in store and remember hands, face, space.  We politely remind all customers to wear a mask.
Hand sanitiser is available at our main entrance, you are politely encouraged to follow our one way system and respect social distancing at all times.

(Below applicable between 19/12 to 24/12/2020)

Our Santa’s Grotto and VR Sleigh ride are going ahead as planned.
We have carried out a thorough risk assessment and have the following measure in place to ensure a safe visit;

We do not mix families in our grotto nor on the sleigh, therefore you’ll only go into the Grotto or on the sleigh with people from your booking, which should only be people from the same household.

Rule of six – we are only allowing a maximum of four people in the grotto (from the same household) this is because Santa and the Elf each count as one person.

Social distancing – Follow the markings on the floor to ensure you are at least 2mtrs apart from other visitors at all times.
Face masks – Everyone must wear a face mask over the age of 12 (unless medically exempt)

Hand sanitizer – Available at the main entrance of the garden centre, entrance to the Santa’s Grotto and entrance to the sleigh ride too. You will need to sanitize your hands prior to entering.

Temperature checks – We will be taking every persons temperature at the entrance of both the grotto and sleigh ride.
Inside the Grotto – A thin perspex screen is in position between the child and Santa.
Our elves wear gloves and facemasks and Santa himself will be wearing a mask (over the top of his beard)

In addition, following Government’s recommendation, the back of grotto has been left open, this has purposely been done to create air flow through the grotto, it is still however a personal family experience.

  • A gap of approx 2 feet has been left open at the top of the sleigh ride to create air flow and along with thin curtains at entrance and exit, again to create airflow.
  • We have cut the number of bookings that we usually take in order to reduce numbers visiting the grotto.