We have three varieties of autumn planting seed potatoes for you to choose from; Duke of York, Charlotte and Maris Peer – only £2.99 per pack.

How to plant

Plant your autumn potatoes as soon as possible after purchase.

If planting into open ground, dig over the area removing any weeds, incorporating well-rotten compost if available and a general fertiliser. Plant 10-13cm/4-5″ deep, 20-23cm/8-9″ apart in a row, and the rows 50cm/20″ apart.

Autumn can be dry so keep the potatoes well watered but avoid getting the leaves wet as this can encourage blight. To reduce the risk of infection, as growth emerges, spray with a fungicide and repeat every 14 days. When the plants get to approx 10cm/4″ carefully draw earth up the sides of the plant, this will encourage additional potatoes to grow from the covered stems, and excludes light from the tubers.

If planting into containers or Potato Bags, use a good quality multi purpose compost. Place approx 10cm/4″ of dampened compost into the base and evenly space 3 tubers on top. Cover with another 10cm/4″ of compost. Water sparingly at first and monitor carefully, keeping the compost moist at all times but not allowing it to be come water-logged. Once the plants reach approx 10cm/4″, add more compost. When the plants have grown through this compost, repeat. Continue to do this until the container is full.

The potatoes should be ready in approximately 12 weeks or after flowering. Harvest only as required, the remainder can be left in situe for up to a month. Potatoes growing in bags should be moved to a frost-free area for Christmas harvesting.