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For nearly 5 decades, gardeners have relied on 6X Natural Fertiliser to produce magnificent gardens of all types of flowers, vegetables, fruit and lawns.
6X Natural Fertiliser Analysis: Nitrogen(N) 5.8%; Phosphorus(P) 3.5%; Potassium(K) 3%
It's called 6X Natural Fertiliser because it's 6 to 8 times more concentrated, 6 to 8 times richer and much better value than even the best traditional fertiliser products.
Being milled and composted 6X Natural Fertiliser is more pleasant to handle and one sack will go 6 to 8 times as far!
6X Natural Fertiliser contains no manufactured chemicals or lime and has been oven heated to sterilise and kill off any weed seeds or pathogens - so it's safe to use on all plants.
Used throughout the year, 6X Natural Fertiliser will condition the soil and provide all the plant food and nutrients your garden requires to become magnificent.
One 15kg sack of fibrous 6X Natural Fertiliser will treat up to 180 sq m (220 sq yds) at lawn rate, or 66 sq m (80 sq yds) for general feeding.