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Asparagus Gijnlim

Asparagus Gijnlim

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Asparagus requires a free-draining, fertile soil. Prepare a bed by deep-digging the area with a fork, removing any weeds. Adding well-rotted compost, manure or a good general fertilizer will improve yields.

Dig a trench at least 1.2metres/4ft long and 25cm/10" deep. In the bottom of the trench, raise a small ridge approximately 12cm/5" high. Place the asparagus on top of the ridge with the roots hanging down the side. Carefully back-fill the trench and mark the row with the variety name. Water-in well and keep the soil moist during the growing period. If growing several beds of asparagus, allow 90cm/36" between the beds. Remove weeds carefully between the plants to keep them from competing for food and water.

Harvest from April to June but do not cut any spears for the first season to allow the plants to become established. Only cutting a few in the second season will be beneficial to the plants. Always cease cutting at the end of June to allow the plants to build up their strength again. Freshly cut spears should be used within a day or two.

In Spring, cut down the previous years growth. Do NOT eat the roots.